Terms of use

THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS ARE APPLICABLE TO ALL USERS (the “Users”) OF THE WEB SITE lyricsporal.com and the related sites (the “Site”) and the services offered by the Site (the “Services”). The Site and its Services are under the exclusive operation of the Association des professionels de l’édition musicale (“APEM”).


The Users agree to use the Site and its Services in compliance with the terms of use herein and always in accordance with the principles of good faith.


The Site offers the following Services:

  • publishing song lyrics in order to put them at the disposal of the general public in accordance with the legal authorization of their authors and/or publishers and/or administrators;
  • allowing the general public to access song lyrics solely and entirely for personal and non-commercial purposes.


The Site’s contents are also available through Copibec’s (Société québécoise de gestion collective des droits de reproduction) SAMUEL platform dedicated to educational facilities (“SAMUEL”). Any User who has access to SAMUEL must use said contents through SAMUEL and in accordance with its terms and conditions. It is therefore illegal to use the Site and its Services. This notably includes downloads and the reproduction of its contents by teachers for distribution or communication to their pupils for educational, homework or exam purposes.

Site Ownership/Brands

The User does not have any rights over any element of the Site included in the Site. The Site, domain name and trade names as well as any element included in the Site are the exclusive property of APEM.

Third Party Ownership

All third party rights over the intellectual property included on the site are expressly reserved. This notably includes the lyrics of published musical works which are the property of their authors and/or publishers.


Any infringement of the rights of APEM or a third party will be subjected to the penalties provided for by these terms of use and by the law. The User will be liable for any such infringement, whether or not it is intentional, carried out by the User or a by third party with the User’s knowledge. Moreover, APEM reserves all its rights and recourses, notable to end any such infringement, be awarded damages and prevent any further infringement.


Site and Services

APEM reserves the right to modify, in part or in whole, the Site and its Services at any time and at its sole discretion.

Terms of Use

APEM reserves the right to modify the terms of use at any time and at its sole discretion. The new terms of use are in effect as soon as they are posted on the Site.

Forbidden Acts

It is strictly forbidden, through action or omission, in any way whatsoever, by oneself or a third party:

  • to copy or extract the contents of the Site;
  • to use the Site or its Services for unauthorized, illegal or criminal purposes;
  • to place an order under a false name in order to deceive another person or APEM;
  • to modify, copy, misuse or circumvent the Site’s code and/or its protection mechanisms;
  • to prevent or limit the access to the Site or its Services by another user;
  • to upload any virus or malicious program to the Site;
  • to illegally obtain, modify or copy third party information;
  • to act in any way against the requirements of good faith or any other obligation stemming from any applicable law.



Titles are used to simplify reading and do not limit in any way the provisions of the terms of use herein.


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Choice of Court

Any dispute or litigation related to the Site, the terms of use herein, the Services or the relationship between APEM and a User—including their validity, their enforcement, their interpretation or their termination—is subject to the authority of the competent court of the judicial district of Montréal (Québec, Canada) to the exclusion of any other competent court.