You’d better love us quick before we totally go bald.
Your pool is kiddy, yo,
I’m Olympic up in the poolside video
Flap flippers, put ‘em back where you found ‘em.
Competitions wearing water wings I’m doing laps around ‘em.
This groove makes life hard for booty,
Huh, no lifeguard on Duty
Slap you, hung like a mosquito
Labadi libido falling out of my speedo
Marco, polo, guitar, solo, I say we just dive in slow mo
Shlomo Abdul Mahatma and Coco
Don’t let the Chlorine in your eyes, Perry Como
It seems like bad advice to piss in pool,
I sure never learned about this in school.

Yum dada day…

Breast stroking, front crawling, beach ballin’, careful! Don’t fall in!
Looking fit in your bikini Ms. Marshmallow
Don’t dive in, the conversation’s shallow…
Piscine pool, guess that makes me bilingual
On va mettre la version anglais if we put out the single.
Poola la la, piscinny,
Hit the lights yo, and let’s dip skinny,
N.E.Y.S., and never drink yellow water,
Uh oh, the water just got hotter.
I hit a warm patch and now I’m stroking,
Butterfly-styles: these wings are soaking,
No fun, the swimming teacher’s so mean,
Eyes red, don’t think it’s from the chlorine.
Above and beyond the call of booty,
Let’s rock ‘cause the lifeguard’s still off duty.

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