Your brain is melting everyday
Slowly dripping from the edges of your face.

Someone’s getting all the fun.

All the lovers come to play
In my room when I am sleeping.
My redemption is not certain but I’m gonna pretend just this once.

Someone’s getting all the fun.

You won’t stop beating yourself
Tears run down from your face.
You’re gonna get what you want.
I’m not the kind of man to…
Someone’s getting all the fun.

You’ve been working hard, before you came home
I was pouring it all into a song.
It’s only love, but you don’t care at all
Let me love you with all that I’ve got.

I’ve been looking good before you were born
Making every hour, and every song.

I need love, I don’t care at all
I’ll let you love me with all that you’ve got.